[Strawbale] updates from all you hardworking strawbale

Rene Dalmeijer rene.dalmeijer at hetnet...
Sat Nov 5 22:10:51 CET 2005


I have been busy building since the beginning of June this year. I am 
happy to announce that I have taken the step to become a fulltime 
builder, mainly SB. The SB project I started with is in IJburg which is 
a new extension in Amsterdam.
To see more on the project go to http://home.hetnet.nl/~rene.dalmeijer 
and follow links English> SB houses and via the left menu navigate to 
IJburg. I am quite happy with the building method and design for this 
house so much so that if I build for myself it will closely follow this 
system. This house has generated quite a bit of interest including 2 TV 

I hope to start before the end of the year on another 2 houses in 
IJburg both with 4 stories using pre-fab wood frame elements. One of 
the houses will have SB infill the other wool or flax.

The Dutch SB association has just elected a new commitee. I am now 
chairman, Michel Post is secretary and Pieter Bas van Luipen treasurer. 
We just had an interior clay plaster workshop on 29 October and will 
have a SB house tour on 12-13 November Again check my web-site 
http://home.hetnet.nl/~rene.dalmeijer  and the link to Agenda for 
further details.

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> Hello everybody
> Following on from the recent comment from a new member on how quiet the
> SB-list has been recently, I thought it would be really interesting if
> everyone who has been working on a project this year could send a short
> update to the list?
> It would be great to find out what's been going on, hear about 
> exciting new
> ideas and buildings, any problems encountered (and overcome!), links to
> photos, etc.
> I'm sure there is loads happening and as there are lots of new people
> constantly joining the list (we're now up to 305 members) it would be 
> great
> for them to find out about it and I'm sure it will stimulate some new
> discussions.
> And of course now winter's coming along we all need a bit of 
> motivation and
> inspiration to see us through to spring!
> Cheers
> Simon

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