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Sat Nov 5 03:15:00 CET 2005

G 'day Simon

Following up on your request for what we may have been up to in the past
12 months or so seeing the list is very quite.

We are concentrating on load bearing as well as some in-fill jumbo bale
buildings.  We are using 2.4 m x 900mm x 600 mm jumbo bales on edge.  We
built one home in conjunction with a local builder in Ballarat and the
results can be seen here:


We are using hydrated plaster lime straight out of the bag and mixing
with render sand, we then pump this mix on using an Aussie designed and
built Condor pump.  Our next jumbo bale building will be in Victoria
starting in January and followed by another load bearing jumbo bale
close to home near us in Ganmain.

We are also consulting for three other jumbo bale homes all using the
8'x 3'x 2'bales as above.  We put the bales on edge which gives us a
finished height of 2.9 metres including the top and bottom plates.

Other jumbo bale buildings we have completed can be seen here;


and here:


I would encourage anyone thinking of building in straw bale if you have
the room use a jumbo bale!

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf

Our Straw Bale Building Web Site:

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