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Tue May 24 08:38:36 CEST 2005

Dear Walter,

We are hosting international internships in sustainable building, 
sustainable product service systems
and other related issues. Have a look at www.s-house.at for more 
information about our recent strawbale builing project.
At which university do you study, TU Delft? I´ve been there a couple of 
times and know the people quite well.

If you are interested, send me your CV and short description of your 
favourite internship activities.

best regards, Robert Wimmer

Dr. Robert Wimmer
Chief Executive
GrAT, Center for Appropriate Technology
Vienna University of Technology
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, A-1040 Wien, Austria
Tel: ++43 1 58801 49523  Fax: ++43 1 58801 49533

Faas, W. wrote:

>Dear balers,
>After the ISBBC last year I decided to pick up studying
>again. If all goes a smooth as it is going now, I should
>have my bachelors degree in architecture/construction
>engineering (HBO Bouwkunde in Dutch) in little over 2 years
>time. Part of obtaining my degree is going on a 'stage'
>(internship) for about half a year. This should take place
>from february 2006 till june/july 2006. 
>I'd really love to go abroad to quite literally broaden my
>horizon and get a better view of building and architecture
>in different cultures. For this I'm looking for the
>following architect agencies:
>* Non-Dutch;
>* Ability to provide good quality internships at a bachelor
>* Specialization in sustainable architecture;
>* Preferably a low tech, 'alternative technology' design
>* Vegan-friendly environment;
>* 23 year old young gun with engineering background (4
>years of previous engineering education);
>* Deep-rooted passion for sustainable design;
>* Languages: Dutch (native), English (fluent), German (a
>little bit);
>* Software: AutCAD 200x (2D and 3D modelling), MS Office,
>Open Office, Sketchup;
>* Active member in the student counsel (sector Engineering
>- construction engineering) at the Haagse Hogeschool;
>If anybody here has such an opportunity or might know where
>I might find one, I'd surely like to know about it. 
>Yours truly,
>Walter Faas
>Hoogkamerlaan 65a
>2284 GL  Rijswijk
>+316 1674 2330
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