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Every so often we need help both with design and construction, and I
know we are not alone.  That is why we have set up the Green Building
Labor Classifieds Bulletin Board at:


There are a handful of categories including bale construction, earth
construction and one for workshop postings.  This won't be a highly
administered forum, so keep it simple.  We hope people all over the
world will use it to share their needs within the green building community.

Please share this resource with everyone you can think of.  The more
people using it, the more valuable it will become to everyone!  We think
it might help with those of you looking for jobs, as well as those of us
who need help periodically.

You will need to login to use it.

You will notice that we have an opportunity posted there already.  Thanks.

Jeff Ruppert, P.E.

Odisea LLC
Ecological Building, Engineering and Consulting

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5444 Marshall Road 1022 Main St.
Boulder, CO  81623 Carbondale, CO 81623
303.443.4335 970.948.5744
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