[Strawbale]Some loadbearing compression ideas/questions

rikki nitzkin rnitzkin at hotmail...
Tue May 10 17:15:01 CEST 2005

Just a mention about Dipping bales in lime . . . There is a spanish engineer 
who has developed a method where he dips the entire bale in lime wash, lets 
it dry, and creates very solid bricks with it.  He uses these bricks to wrap 
a wooden structure.

Of course, I have asked him: 1) why use a structure if these straw/lime 
bales are so solid? and 2) why bother at all, if the bale can carry the load 
without dipping?  he says he feels it protects the bale from possible 
insects, rot, etc. and likes the hard surface it leaves. . .I am not 
recommending or criticizing this method.  I just thought it was curious.  
Has anyone out there tried anything similar?

sincerely, Rikki

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