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Hi El lupo

good to hear from you, hope all is well with you and yours, and how is SA and the mama project?
I Think your one world SB list suggestion is good, and like you say it would stop a lot of the repetition from one list to another, 
rather than even more lists spreading the info thinner.

bale on
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G 'day Euro Balers

Bales on edge no worries both large and standard.

We have built several load bearing buildings using standard bales on
their edge.  The strings on their side pose no problems as our earthen
renders cover to a depth of 50mm.  We do not use any netting for keying
either on edge or on the flat.  The larger bales 8 'x 3'x 2'on edge are
my favourite method these days of straw bale building.

T 'is a pity that we are not all on ONE straw bale discussion list as
this topic has been covered many times on CREST and SB-r-us lists in the
past.  Also on the SB-r-us list (a Yahoo list) there were a heap of
photos to illustrate what we were discussing.

I do not have much time these days for any discussion lists, more is the
pity, but we could save some of you a lot of heart ache knowing that
most of the topics have been well covered on the SB lists over the past
years.  Most of us speak or understand English or American these days!

I vote for ONE world SB list!!!!!

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
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Bales on edge:

See:  http://strawbale.archinet.com.au/Hall.htm

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