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Tue Mar 8 21:38:37 CET 2005

Just a little fun on this list

I remembered an email, I got years ago and found it in the forum. Would that
be a possibility to solve the problem of air circulation (as far as it
is...), to pack strawbales in wind-proof paper?:

The Strawbaling Machine
Thank you for your interest about the straw-baling machine....
Important challenges
1 Production capacity: 60.000 kilograms per day
2 Aim: To deform huge straw bales mechanically and fully automatic into
small bales, without any loss of quality, packed ecologically sounded and
palletised on europallets
3 Dimensions: 30 cm of height, 40 cm of width,80 cm of length
4 Packaging: ecological packaging: paper bags, on demand
5 Working surroundings: nuisance of dust is reduced to a minimum reduce the
waste to a minimum the machine is as easy to maintain as possible the
replacement of the parts is very simple
6. Application possibilities: the machine can be used as well with straw as
with hay. Farming, hobbyshops, buildingindustry, forage etc
7. Easy marketable with his machine straw can be commercialised on an easy
and simple way (loading and discharging with the lifting truck)
On this moment, before we will begin phase 5 we havent decided following
possibilities yet: 
1. If we will attract different partners or not
2. If we will create a new company or not.
3. Other proposals 
So if you have some interest or proposal directly to us don't hesitate to
make an apoitment to discuss furhter some items.
Best regards 
Mr A.Hoornaert & Mr Chris Jacobs

I don´t know if this machine was ever built,...

BW, Herbert

08.03.2005 21:06 Uhr

> Mark, thanks for the overview of values.
> I have to admit that spurious thermography I made up to now, both for a
> single layer of 40 cm straw and for a double one (fibres going vertical in
> both cases, i.e. bales edge-on) also indicates twice worse insulation
> properties than those following from lambda 0.04 and using (an untenable)
> proportionality of thickness and specific thermal resistance.
> In our case the bales were far below 100 kg/m3.
> There may be some options to increase the low resistance of bales to air
> flow.  (Penetrating them with sawmill by shaking them vigorously?)
> jenik
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