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Mon Mar 7 17:14:06 CET 2005

Dear René

We use reed-mats in this case, nailed to the timber, then you can plaster
it. Clay-professionalists in Austria all use fiberglass or jute, too, if the
underground is timber, to avoid cracks.
On old or mixed-walls sometimes a thin layer cementplaster is sprayed on the
wall, when its dry, clay glues better. But not so on timber.

Herbert, ASBN

> To All,
> About connecting timber (expl.windowframing, constructionparts) to the
> clayplaster. So does one of you know a way(s) to attach the clayplaster  to
> the timber? Can I use small chickenwire or jute (burlap) to holds the
> clayplaster or does the plaster crack and this will causing an opening
> between timber and plaster? Is there a particular product (eco) on the
> market what you can mix with the plaster or to bring on the timber for a
> good stitch?
> How important is the composition of the clayplaster?
> Allready thanks
> René Aleschus 

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