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Stewart Hargrave Stewart at Hargrave....uk
Mon Mar 7 14:32:41 CET 2005

On 6 Mar 2005 at 15:41, Chug. wrote:
> http://listserv.repp.org/archives/strawbale.html

I had forgotten about this one. IIRC it was once hosted by Crest(?) but it got 
closed down for some reason. Good to see it still going, but a better link for it 
may be http://listserv.repp.org/mailman/listinfo/strawbale which will take you to 
the signup page.

But to refer back to Walter's original suggestion. How about keeping the current 
mailing list as it is, but linking it to a web resource site? This could include, for 
example, a comprehensive FAQ, maybe have space for people to report on 
projects they have undertaken, perhaps have a basic guide to construction 
techniques, techincal reports, an announcements page, and a detailed links 
page? A regular automated mailing could be sent to this list to remind people 
about it.

It could be a place for a forum, too, but I worry that too many forums and lists 
could be counter productive.

It would be a large undertaking that would need regular updating, but could 
involve the contributions of several people. 

Finally, Walter, I agree that there is an art to effective snipping and quoting that 
makes things easier for the reader. I expect this is particularly true for anyone 
who subscribes to the 'digest' version of the list, who will see much repeated text. 
We shouldn't make it a big issue, but it would help if people could delete 
extraneous text.
Stewart H.

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