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Last year someone set up a strawbale web forum and publicised it on this list. A
few of us posted to it, and it had a promising start, but despite his efforts it got
very little use. After several months of total inactivity it was closed down. So
anyone setting up another one would need to consider how a new forum could be
made more successful.

There is also a Yahoo Group (SB-r-us), but it is mostly aimed at America. There
may be other groups and lists too.

That forum that was set up last year by Tony(surname escapes me) as he felt this list was poorly used, and it was just that 'an 
email list' and he thought a forum would get more use, as Stewart said it started off well then died due to lack of interest and 
after two or three months with no posts Tony removed it, so I would say stick with this list for now, just post to it more often.

Anyone who doesn't know of the other SB lists here are some links, come and say hello.



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