: [Strawbale]ethical question?

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Hey Valentina and others!

First i like to thank for raising this question. it is one we all struggle
with in finding a balance in creating comunity without sacrificing your own
dignity. Bear in mind that if you show self respect, that can be a great
contribution to the group. 

Then practically, i think you already got very nice suggestions but there is
one other line i think of. Roughly if you help formulate very well what are
the outlines of the building: what is very important, what a bit less and
what are minor details, you may be able to spend less time in detailing it
all yourself but involve others in the proces so that they can gradualy take
This i think might very well connect with the suggestion of the workshops.
You can both give workshops on the building technique but also one on the
detailing of the design. YOu make a document with outlines, checklists and
checks and then others can do the detailing. Just litle charpters on e.g.
what risk you like to take. Do you want to pioneer and find new solutions at
the risk of having to rebuild parts or do you want to go for the certainty
that the building will last at least 20 years or so. Or do you want the
structure of the house to be very sound but experiment in details that wont
ruin the integrity of the building if they go wrong. 
If people get aware of all those mechanisms, if you get people with the most
of such insights in charge of the parts they like etc. you may find that
your input needs less  time in detailing. 

I hope its clear what i try to get across. it comes close to where i am at
the moment as a designer, trying to learn how to teach those skilzzzzzzzzzzz

love n light


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i agree with chug's idea that some form of non-currency exchange can lower 
the professional fee - what about the possibility of using the house/land 
as a retreat spot for yourself. i have this arrangement witha 'client' in 
belgium and it works well, especially if its a second home.
another idea would be, depending on your knowledge and experience as a 
straw-baler, to hold workshops, charging a nominal fee to cover food and 
board and extra as a contribution towards the fee.... i dont usually agree 
with the notion of enthusiasts paying for the opportunity to build someone 
elses' house but if its a question of nominal payment, and a good exchange 
of knowledge, then in balance, it can be argued ethically ...

good luck.

c'Lanne moroney

>  > i'm an architect involved in a project of a strawbale house in spain
>and the organization of a workshop to build the house
>  > the clients owners...have very litlle money to build the house.....
>  > to "calculate" the money i'm supposed to be paid i use the official
>reference of the architects council of spain......
>  > the fact that strawbale house is cheeper to build .....does not mean
>that is cheeper to design...in fact is more expensive....due to luck of
>"normal" refernces for the administrative process of getting the
>building permission.....and we have to ask for it....
>  > i'm not in the economical position to afford working without being

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