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i agree with chug's idea that some form of non-currency exchange can lower 
the professional fee - what about the possibility of using the house/land 
as a retreat spot for yourself. i have this arrangement witha 'client' in 
belgium and it works well, especially if its a second home.
another idea would be, depending on your knowledge and experience as a 
straw-baler, to hold workshops, charging a nominal fee to cover food and 
board and extra as a contribution towards the fee.... i dont usually agree 
with the notion of enthusiasts paying for the opportunity to build someone 
elses' house but if its a question of nominal payment, and a good exchange 
of knowledge, then in balance, it can be argued ethically ...

good luck.

c'Lanne moroney

>  > i'm an architect involved in a project of a strawbale house in spain
>and the organization of a workshop to build the house
>  > the clients owners...have very litlle money to build the house.....
>  > to "calculate" the money i'm supposed to be paid i use the official
>reference of the architects council of spain......
>  > the fact that strawbale house is cheeper to build .....does not mean
>that is cheeper to design...in fact is more expensive....due to luck of
>"normal" refernces for the administrative process of getting the
>building permission.....and we have to ask for it....
>  > i'm not in the economical position to afford working without being
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