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Mark Bigland-Pritchard // Low Energy Design hyphen at dial....com
Sat Jan 8 17:31:46 CET 2005

The problem with this is that - as the ORNL team found - any gap between 
bale and cladding (whether that is a poorly-keyed plaster layer or 
timber or plastic or whatever) is likely to enable convection currents 
to sabotage the otherwise good performance of the bales.  At least, this 
is the case if there is any sort of gap at the top of the wall - and 
bales settle....


c'Lanne moroney wrote:

> bales on edge - would that not provide a more difficult key for the 
> eventual plaster, the key being the shoot-ends of the material? i 
> wonder how the walls settle? the crucial loadbearing zone being 
> between the bale-strings....any data on this?
> with regards to the key - cladding of another sort could then be 
> considered - for instance, [external] the transparent corrugated 
> rainshield as was used in the sarah wigglesworth house in islington. 
> internally, a slat and board finish also allows for more wall use - 
> its notoriously difficult to fix anything a daub wall....
> less 'pure', i know, but we dont need to remain purists, eh?
> c'Lanne moroney, b.arch, msc.arch
>>> Great comment Mark. Bales on edge? Woof! sounds dodgy - do they do 
>>> that?
>>> Is the Danish stuff available in English?
>>> Tom Foster B.Sc.(Architecture) AECB
>>> Tom Foster Architecture
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