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Fri Jan 28 12:20:00 CET 2005

The famous rammed earth project in Cornwall is the Visitor Centre of the
Eden Project, not the Earth Centre which is in North England. There are
other experimental buildings at Eden e.g. cob (mud), as well as the
stupendous biodomes and the amazing Teachng Centre, still under
construction. Worth a visit!


To coincide with launch of the new publication 'Rammed earth: design &
construction guidelines', a one-day conference on rammed earth
construction is to be held on Wednesday 9th February 2005 in the
Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering at the University of
Bath. The conference will examine historic and modern use of rammed
earth in the UK and Europe, practical issues of construction
applications, material testing and selection, formwork and construction,
engineering design, architectural design and detailing, maintenance and
repair of walls. 

The workshop is open to architects, engineers, designers, building
surveyors, construction companies, property developers, researchers and
interested individuals. Issues for discussion will include thermal
performance, durability, material strength, cement stabilisation,
building control, quality testing and wall finishes. Case studies from
recent rammed earth projects in the UK and Europe will be presented.
Findings from recent research work will also be outlined. The workshop
will also include an exhibition and practical demonstration of rammed
earth construction.

'Rammed earth: design & construction guidelines' is the result of a Dti
sponsored research and innovation programme investigating the potential
of rammed earth for new construction. To reserve a place please email
P.Walker at bath....uk, telephone 01225 386646, or fax 01225 386691.
Alternatively send your name and contact details to Peter Walker,
Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath,
Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY.

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