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Dear Adriaan,

Your description is right; Martin Rauch (from Austria)has published a 
beautiful book called "Rammed Earth"
which deals with some 20 of his built and unbuilt projects.
I visited some of them (near Feldkirch Austria) and they all look great.
Being an architect, I would love to build with the material, but I 
hardly know anything about it.
What kind of earth is suitable (can it be found in the Netherlands), 
what detailing under dutch conditions etc.
So here is another one who's interested in any projects/contacts in 


Gerrit Velthuis

Op 27-jan-05 om 13:22 heeft adriaan van sandwijk het volgende 

> I suspect that rammed earth is the method of constructing walls with 
> dry
> earth: a casing with wooden planks is made like when jou are about to 
> pour
> concrete, the casing is then filled with layer after layer of earth, 
> each
> carefully packed together by ramming them with heavy tools specially 
> made
> for this job. The result is a sturdy thick wall that in dry climates 
> kan
> stand for thousends of years. I beleive this methode was widely spread 
> in
> ancient china. Or am I totaly wrong?
> greatings Adriaan
> p.s. I know of no projects of this kind anywhere but I am interested 
> to hear
> more about it.
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