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hi rikki

filling the bottles?! i think you might be making a lot of work for yourself
... i don't know the surface you wish to cover, but considering you have
roughly 50-60 bottles per square metre, filling them all up with earth means
a lot of man-hours. why not simply tamper down the earth direct on to your
gravel bed? also, having only a couple of centimetres above the bottles is
perhaps a bit thin.

tyvek is fairly expensive, why not simply cover the gravel bed with a
geotextile (bidim,etc) to avoid your earth descending into the gravel bed
and then if you are concerned about humidity, sprinkle that with quicklime
before you put in the earthen floor (and make sure your gravel bed is at
least 15, better 20cm deep). since it is not slaked, the quicklime will
absorb any rising water vapor. at any rate, earthen floors are wonderful
hygrometric regulators so a vapour barrier ought normally to be unnecessary.

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> Thanks for all the advice, Maybe it would help to explain in more detail
> plan:
> My original idea was this: a compacted sub-floor of gravel earth, a vapor
> barrier (tyvek?), insultation (orginal idea strawclay as seen in the
> boo, or new idea glass bottles laid flat and filled in with gravel or
> topped off with two layers of poured adobe--aprox. 1cm thick).
> So my personal, non-technical, intuition tells me that glass bottles
> double glass) would insultate well.  They are also easy to find and free
> spain, but if it can cause a thermal bridge I should avoid it--that´s is
> I ask.  It seems that the opinions do not agree. . . .As for shells, I
> in the mountains, inland and have no shells nearby.
> So deciding between glass or strawclay?  What would be better?  It would
> better to embed the bottles with the neck down instead of laid flat?
> all advice is apreciated,  Rikki
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