[Strawbale]Danish Testing on SB walls

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Wed Sep 22 23:09:49 CEST 2004

Dear Marcus et al.

The Danish sb-testprogramme has produced several results now available via the internet.
Thanks to a lot of work by Jørgen Munch-Andersen 
  MSc (CivEng), PhD, Head of Department
  +45 4574 2388
  jma at by-og-byg... 
the results are also partly available in English:

The test reports (in Danish) are available via the following links:
- fire test of clay as a surface cover material: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/pg10809.pdf
- 30min fire test of clay plastered non-loadbearing sb-wall: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/pg10810.pdf
- air-sound-insulation of clay plastered non-loadbearing sb-wall: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/p870072.pdf
- capillary hight rise of mussell shells, three densities: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/2001-02-21.pdf
- organic and microbial dust as a healtrisk in strawbale building: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/amislutrapport.pdf
- water vapour transmission properties of clay plaster with various surface treatments / additives: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/423-8a.pdf
- water vapour transmission properties of straw http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/423-8b.pdf
- moisture accumulation of sb-walls plastered with clay plaster on the inside (warm side) and clay plaster or lime plaster on the outside (cold side): http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/423-8c.pdf
- settling of non-loadbearing and loadbearing sb-walls after two moisture cycles: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/423-8d.pdf
- thermal insulation of earthplastered sb-wall, bale lying flat: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/55650-34.pdf
- thermal insulation of earthplastered sb-wall, bale on edge: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/55650-35.pdf
- thermal insulation of non plastered straw bale, on edge, flat, two different densities: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/danak.pdf
- thermal insulation of mussell shells, three different densities: http://www.by-og-byg.dk/download/pdf/danak.pdf

Please pass on, and enjoy your reading.
Best regards,
Lars Keller


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> Help,
> I'm building a SB house in Hungary and after getting permission for a wooden framed cob house and applying for the modification of the building permit to Sb walls, I have been turned down on the grounds of fire risk.
> Does anyone know of any certificates, tests or publications which documents fire testing on strawbale walls in Europe and where I might find them?  American/Canadian tests are no good for the building department here.  Or any loopholes to get around this law?
> Thanks,
> Marcus
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