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Firstly, I'm no expert - just an enthusiast! I did see a paper (might have
been from CAT - Centre for Alternative Technology) that mentioned the
possibility of using wooden pallets as a base - you treat them, screw them
together and lift them off the ground on rocks/old paving to give a ground
clearance and then build with bales on top of that. I guess they won't last
forever, but they're cheap.

Alternatively, build a wooden platform. This link was put on the list a few
months ago: http://www.friendlybynature.co.uk/strawbale.htm - from what I've
read, they built the 'house' in a day(ish) including the platform.

Hope this gives you some help & good luck.


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We are thinking of building a small shed from strawbales as a
demonstration workshop on an allotment here in Oxford. We are
confident about how to do the walls and roof, but we need some advice
about the foundations and floor.

The ground is fairly heavy, damp soil and as it's in England it
obviously rains a lot! We want to keep it simple and very cheap and if
possible not to use concrete. The whole thing will be light and small,
so we don't really need foundations for strength, but our concern is
about keeping the bales away from the damp ground.

We have thought of raising it up on legs made from brick, breezeblocks
or wood, but apart from that we're not too sure. Does anyone have any


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