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Dear Maren,

you could either protect your walls from the rain, OR from the wind. The
latter would make the rain fall more vertical, hence it would make your
"hat" work properly. If you have any "wall" stopping the wind you will get
lots of turbulence around the edges. If you make the 'wall' half open, like
planks with a fair spacing between (almost as wide as the plank itself) you
will have a much better effect to stop the wind. a nice hedge might be the
best but that of course takes time 2 grow.
The most transparent materials i know are not that environmentally sound so
there i would say the best option is to recycle any material you can get a
hold of. 
from the point of aestetics, i wouldnt like the transparent option as i dont
like camouflage. As you will always see it, ti becomes clear that its an
undesired thing. Why not make this protective thing very obvious but
beautifull? this will give you also more freedom to find other materials.
but thats just my point of view and aestetics are of course Very Personal

Love n Light

DeeTale / Joost

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Onderwerp: [Strawbale]protecting earth plasters

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I have a small SB vault that already has "a good pair of boots and a hat" 
but parts of the walls are exposed to strong winds and horizontal rain. What

transparent material (the most ecological possible) can I use to protect the

earth plaster?  Where can I get it?


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