[Strawbale]protecting earth plasters

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Mon Oct 18 18:21:25 CEST 2004

Hello Rikki
It depends on what you (or Maren) have done to the wall before. I guess you 
have a wall that have a final or a nearly final rendering. It could be a 
plastering with lime or clay. If it is so, you kan give it a last plaster 
where you mix cow shit into the last mixture. I have done that by a building 
with the same problematics.
The farmer was so excited by the result that he painted the whole building 
with a claypaint mixed with cow shit before he gave the building its final 
color. I am sure you can use other kind of shit too. In the highland of Peru 
where the have really heavy horizontal rain and wind they use donkey shit 
for the same reason.
So good luck!
friendly regards
Alice Reite

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> I have a small SB vault that already has "a good pair of boots and a hat" 
> but parts of the walls are exposed to strong winds and horizontal rain. 
> What transparent material (the most ecological possible) can I use to 
> protect the earth plaster?  Where can I get it?
> maren.
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