[Strawbale]stabilizing bale walls- suggestions please

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      Would appreciate some suggestions before I start my strawbale 
house.  I have been fascinated with the idea of doing a modified 
pole barn design incorporating strawbale for many reasons. Without 
having to get into why, I would like to find out if it is possible 
to put the straw bales where I want them.  My current plan is to 
span the distance between the poles with trusses. The bales would be 
positioned about 2 feet from the nearest pole. This way there would 
be no notching and no precompression needed and the roof could go up 
first.  My question is this;

Given where the bales are at and that all the weight will be off the 
bales, to what extent do I need to worry about keeping them from 

My current plan is to have a simple top plate attached to the 
underside of the trusses. I would run threadall rods along both 
sides of the bales and attach the rods at the top of the plate. 
Again though, no weight would be on the top plate. The threadall 
rods would attach at the bottom with a base under the bales but over 
top of a wood floor. Once the roof is on and I start putting up 
bales, I will obviously not be able to run any rods through the 
inside of the bales from the 

So, do I have enough stability or not?  If not, what could I do to 
increase the stability of these bales?



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Subject: [Strawbale]Austrian Certificates
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Hello there,

Does anyone have better copies of the insulation certificates issued by
Wien Technical University in 2000.  I know there are pdf copies of the 
certificates in the appendices but the quality is not the best - good 
enough for me but not the authorities.




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Subject: Re: [Strawbale]lime and earth plaster
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Hi Jeroen

I would not strip the earth plaster off the walls but instead give it a
finish layer of lime render and take advantages of it's anti fungal
properties, maybe even a limewash over the top should neutralise the
have a look at Harry "the Lime" Francis' article

bale on
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Subject: [Strawbale]lime and earth plaster


This question is not exactly relating to bales bud it does to lime and
earth plaster.

We are renovating an old house and have plastered our walls with earth
plaster. Most of the walls contain tubes witch are connected to our
central heating system. The walls itself are made of f brick as is the
foundation. We have a lot of moist climbing up from the walls and some
areas won't dry. There seems to develop some white powdery fungus on the
lower part of some inner walls. We thought about stripping the lower
of the wall and use a lime plaster instead. Would this solve our
Because the walls are heated I am also afraid there can be some cracking
between the lime and earth plaster because of the differed shrinking and
expanding could this be a problem?

On the subject of lime and lime putty does anybody know how this is
in Dutch and where I can get it?

Greetings Jeroen Verzijl

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