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Wed Nov 10 20:01:16 CET 2004

Dear mailing list, I am  an organic farmer and I live 40 miles far from Venice in Italy. I am building my straw bale house; winter is coming and now I need an help to go on with details, which are the most important part of the house, but also the most boring: a lot of work and you can not see the result...!
I am looking for volunteers to come and help me during all the winter. I will offer accommodation (a bit basic!), food (they say I am a very good cook!!!) and one day we can go together to visit Venice, what more? A lot of joy and enthusiasm !!
Cheers everybody and thanks
Stefano Soldati
Tel +39 3355634287
Az. agr. LA BOA
Via Boa, 29
30020 Pramaggiore (VE)

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