[Strawbale]make way Aussies coming

Rene Dalmeijer rene.dalmeijer at hetnet...
Mon May 17 13:04:59 CEST 2004

Chris great news,

I am happy to read you are coming. I can't give you any details on the tour 
coming from Olso though your best bet is Lars. larskeller at livinghouses...

Regarding your presentation I have two suggestions. A presentation on what 
is happening down under teleported to up on top would be good. But I would 
also like to hear the presentation you made at ISBBC 2002 again on how you 
came to an integrated approach to a sustainable house I was very impressed. 
Whilst there I also suggest you talk to Chris Magwood about an article in TLS

At 07:36 AM 5/17/04, you wrote:
>Hi Rene
>A cascade of events have left the opportunity for me to come up for the
>Please tell me you have room for one more Australian at the conference.
>I would like to fly direct to Oslo and join the Scandinavian convoy. Could
>you give me some idea on when it is leaving Oslo so that I can ensure that I
>get there in time to catch the veteran bus to Friland.
>Is there room on the bus for me?
>The other thing that will be helpful in planning my trip - which is the
>easiest international airport for me to access from Friland so I can book my
>return flight straight back to Brisbane.
>If you have a spot in the proceedings to fill - I am happy to do a power
>presentation on SB buildings in Australia.
>Thanks for your help in the planning
>Love Chris

Rene Dalmeijer

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