[Strawbale]SB Tour through the netherlands?????

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Mon May 17 00:39:56 CEST 2004

Hi Rene

A cascade of events have left the opportunity for me to come up for the
Please tell me you have room for one more Australian at the conference.

I would like to fly direct to Oslo and join the Scandinavian convoy. Could
you give me some idea on when it is leaving Oslo so that I can ensure that I
get there in time to catch the veteran bus to Friland.

Is there room on the bus for me?

The other thing that will be helpful in planning my trip - which is the
easiest international airport for me to access from Friland so I can book my
return flight straight back to Brisbane.

If you have a spot in the proceedings to fill - I am happy to do a power
presentation on SB buildings in Australia.

Thanks for your help in the planning

Love Chris

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> Michel,
> The tour is passing through the Netherlands on the 10th of June whilst we
> visit Swalmen we will have lunch there.
> Very soon, I hope tomorrow evening, I will have finally completed a more
> detailed description of the continental leg of the tour. Today I at last
> managed to finalise a tricky detail. An overnight stay in Brugge on the
> night of the 8th of June. We will now also pass through this very
> picturesque City on our way from Calais to Antwerp. We will have just
> enough time to get a taste of the canals and canal houses whilst there.
> After this we will visit various SB houses around Antwerp on the 9th and
> the morning on the 10th
> around Brussels before we drive on to Swalmen.
> Look at the www.thelaststraw.org ISBBC link for more details and
> reservations. The tour is rapidly filling up with reservations although
> many have not paid yet so there is room. The reservations only become
> definite after payment though so please pay soon to make sure of your
> the continental leg is ?225,- for the bus food an lodging expect some
> out of pocket costs for one or two meals along the road and optionally for
> more privacy/luxury for lodging during a few of the stops during the tour.
> At 07:36 AM 5/15/04, you wrote:
> >Do you know if the SB tour is coming through the netherlands. I'm going
> >the event and would like to join the convoy, if the time is on my side.
> >what day are you passing the netherlands????
> Rene Dalmeijer
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