[Strawbale]SB critters and how to get rid of them.

chris newton chris at newtonhouse...
Thu May 13 00:40:07 CEST 2004

Jenny wrote this message on the AUSBALE Earth Garden Discussion board in
Australia recently.

"We have an infestation of small insects that we are sure arrived with our
wheaten strawbales about 2 yrs ago. We didn't give them much thought as
there weren't many of them. The bales have now been rendered and the bugs
have multiplied to 1000's. They seem to be coming out from gaps between
render and skirting board etc, perhaps looking for food. The hot weather and
good rainfall here on the coast seems to have encouraged them to breed
madly. One person has said they are perhaps ' lucerne fleas'. Has anyone had
a problem like this and how can we get rid of them. We don't want to
fumigate the beautiful earthen rendered house!"

Seems to fit with the moisture and warmth being the trigger to breed.


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