[Strawbale]TLS and the GSBN

mklough at pobox... mklough at pobox...
Wed May 5 08:29:29 CEST 2004

Thankyou Joyce I get the idea now, straw is a largely global 
commodity of course and exists across a myriad of socio economic 
scenarios. An endless pool of possibility and creation.

>  involved in the
>>general advancement of straw-bale and other straw-use building materials
>and techniques.

I do wonder sometimes at the notion of advancement certainly the idea 
of strawbale subdivisions is with us I believe but is this an 
approach for all regions? Should this be an objective for North 
America? Western Europe?
Should a cellulose building block formed from an industrial 
revolution era machine be conscripted into building shelter for 
industrial societies? Or is it an appropriated technology that can 
only ever be for the avant garde few? It flies against reason for me 
having created such a cubist item but then not envisioning an 
optimised cubist building system that could serve the "mainstream" 
needs of many in many countries Šthe balehaus?

but anyway
thanks again,


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