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Wed Jul 7 17:08:41 CEST 2004

Hi Carina

I helped out on two amazing cob houses in Ireland (I believe the first
to be built there for 100 years).

They are at a rural eco-project called "The Hollies" not far from Cork
in south west Ireland. They are very open to visitors and are a lovely
bunch of people (if you like children that is - there are 7 of them,
all boys...!).

You can find out more on their website:


They are big houses (you need it for that many kids) and very
impressive to look at - nice and curved, really thick walls, etc.
Their philosophy is that not only should a house be ecological in
terms of energy use, but that at the end of its life it should become
part of the natural landscape again as it biodegrades.

Cob is very well suited to a wet climate as you don't need to be so
careful about keeping it dry whilst building - especially useful in

Good luck

On Wed, 7 Jul 2004 16:44:11 +0200, Carina Simons <carina.simons at gmx...> wrote:
> Dear People
> I have been working on a school building out of cob in India, last january.
> Since than I am trying to get workshops on creative mud building going in
> Germany. Which is a long way to go. I am reading these interesting book: the
> cobbuilders Handbook from Becky Bee and the handsculpted house from Evans
> Ianto. These are based on the possibilities in the USA. How about rules and
> regulations in Germany (Europe) Is it ever possible to get a house like that
> built over here? I would love to work on one. Who can help me out or is
> working on something like that.
> Love Carina
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