[Strawbale] New here

Peter Vos info at barchi...
Sun Aug 22 16:42:46 CEST 2004

Hi all,

my name is Lies, my husband is Peter.

Peter is an architect and he discovered SB houses when my brother-in-law
David came back from Australia.  He had stayed there for three months and
visited some SB houses.  Immediatly he had a dream to build one in Belgium,
so he asked Peter to help him.

Now Peter is completely in love with SB houses.  There are several clients
who want to build with SB and every time he's very excited.  At this moment
we have started to build a SB house of our own.  In this very moment the
bales are being made.  The farmer who is pressing them is a fine man: the
dimensions of the bales will be according to the plan.  We will put bales in
the roof, the walls and the floor.

A few months ago Peter discovered this list and since we receive all the
mails... but they weren't read.  Just too busy.

Peter has asked me to start read the list and so I do...  (I have still 106
unread messages to go.)

Some projects of Peter, you'll find on http://www.barchi.be and (specific
strawbale): http://www.barchi.be/casacalida.html



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