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This summer we did two green roofs (pics under www.fasba.de/projekte)
In German it´s called " extensive roof planting"

Construction beams in between strawbales 6cm ventilation
Wooden- "Groove and feather boards";-)
Thin PE foil as a separation 
India rubber EPDM foil (we used Alwitra evalastic V 10,20€/m2, it's root
and waterproof, homogeneous weldable with a hot-air "hair dryer" UV
steadily with small temperature stretch)
In between: loose Straw or Polyester fleece
Very important for small weight (110-180Kg/m2 for green roof): the
correct substrate with "blowing tone" etc..., if you this, then you can
save an extra drainage layer

Let`s see, how it works

Dirk Scharmer

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Do you remember why straw rots and coconut shell doesn't ?

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>Dear Herwig,
>A green roof could consist of the following layers
>(inside to outside):
>*OSB-board (or other board)
>*Insulation (could be bales, if you ventilate between
>this layer and the next)
>*Drainage layer (hardended clay marbles (Dutch
>'geexpandeerde kleikorrels')
>(*water-open layer that lets water run through, but
>prevent the growth layer from flushing away)
>*Growth layer: Compost mixed with various seeds.
>Walter Faas
>Leiden, the Netherlands
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>> We are looking for a composition of a cheap and easy
>> green roof
>> construction;
>> The idea is as follows:
>> construction beams
>> OSB- board
>> EPDM (rubber: root- and watherproof)
>> ? bales or lose straw
>> ? earth
>> ? grass
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