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Tue Sep 30 00:50:45 CEST 2003

G' Day All

Wondering if you good people can assist here with a list of available fire testing results for Gary Crack o' Dawn in WA.  (Western Australia)?

I have a printed copy of ASTM E84-98 Surface Burning Characteristics 001 Straw Bale.  Prepared for Katrina Hayes, Pulaski TN USA.  Cannot find the e version in my filing system.

Kind regards The Straw Wolf.

howdy all,
I am working  on a urban project ( 75 sqm addition)  - just about to 
put it for DA approval.

Part of a wall is 450mm off the  boundary and as such needs a FRL of 60/60/60.

Any suggestions on where I can get evidence to support our 
application (for building) when we get around to doing that .

Ammendment version 5 of BCA had a section  -
  A2.3, which gave thickness of plaster that could be used to provide 
minimum thickness(mm) of principle material for the required FRL-
	ie for 60/60/60  on steel column is 25mm thick of plaster
I am considering using this.
I also have ASTM Fire tests video Building with Straw, vol 3 - Straw 
Bale Code Testing by Black range films 1996

anything else out there?

-- Gary Dorn Permaculture architect Thooggoorrbu Trust Designers of 
Sustainable Human Settlements

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