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Tue Oct 21 01:03:17 CEST 2003

Hello Mattias,
Thank you for your response. I will inform you when my plan is more
concrete. But for the moment you helped me a lot.
Thank you again,

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> Onderwerp: [Strawbale] RE: Spain
> Hi Hedwig, information on SB building in Spain is scarce at the moment. In
> Spain, strawbales are not officially recognised as a building material, so
> SB builders tend to keep a low profile.
> So far, we've heard about a small house in the Pyrenees (Catalonia) by Rikki
> Nitzkin (see http://sbregistry.greenbuilder.com/search.straw?lcou=Spain),
> seen a local newspaper article on a small house in Navarra, and some years
> ago GEA had an article on a carpenters workshop in Mallorca. We are nearly
> finished (..) with a SB house (post and beam structure) near Cabo de Gata
> (SE Spain). and we know of a couple in Valencia who just started with a
> small non load-bearing cabin. That's more or less what we know. You can find
> some details on our project at the sbregistry web site, or can contact us
> directly if you would like further information.
> Matthias Boer & Isabel Cueva
> Nijar (Almeria) - Spain
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