[Strawbale] strawbale houses in "heavy rain" areas

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Hi Ian
Norway , where I live, is a long country with all kind of weather conditions. I belong to a groupe of Architects (in Norway and Scotland) working with ecological materials, where strawbales are one of them. My own experiences are only a few strawbale houses, none of them from a heavy rain area, but in the groupe we have people with strawbale experiences from area like what you are looking for.
My college Rolf has drawen and built strawbale houses all over Norway ( and Lithuania and Russia) the last ten years. My colleges in Scotland also have experience with strawbale houses, and the best I guess for you: They have a lot of (more than 20 years) of experience of handling the authorities in Scotland about ecological ways of building.
There e-mail addresses are: 
rolf at gaiaarkitekter...
gaiahoward at aol... 

friendly regards 
Alice Reite, alice at gaiaarkitekter...

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Emne: [Strawbale] strawbale houses in "heavy rain" areas

> Hi Everyone,
> Is there anyone on this list who is living in a strawbale house in an area 
> with heavy rains, horizontal rains, humid and cold climat.  We know some of 
> you out there are in Belgium (which I know is not exactly the driest place 
> on earth - same for the Netherlands).
> Would you please get in touch with us.  We need to prove some "official 
> people" that our plan to build strawbale houses in the highlands of Scotland 
> is a good idea !  We do have some books and tests to document that with the 
> correct design there should be no problems but this seems not to be 
> sufficient to win the "officials" sympathy.
> Any help is very welcome in our quest !
> Thank you !!
> Chris Pellow
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