[Strawbale] strawbale houses in "heavy rain" areas

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Mon Oct 6 18:26:03 CEST 2003

Hi Ian, Have you tried strawbalebuilders in England? Barbara Jones is an 
experienced sb. builder in England and Ireland, she even wrote a book about 
sb. houses in humid climates. Her website: www.strawbalefutures.org.uk/
Bye! Leontine

Citeren Ian Pellow <bassman41m at hotmail...>:

> Hi Everyone,
> Is there anyone on this list who is living in a strawbale house in an area
> with heavy rains, horizontal rains, humid and cold climat.  We know some 
> you out there are in Belgium (which I know is not exactly the driest place
> on earth - same for the Netherlands).
> Would you please get in touch with us.  We need to prove some "official 
> people" that our plan to build strawbale houses in the highlands of
> Scotland 
> is a good idea !  We do have some books and tests to document that with 
> correct design there should be no problems but this seems not to be 
> sufficient to win the "officials" sympathy.
> Any help is very welcome in our quest !
> Thank you !!
> Chris Pellow
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