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This message might come  too late but I send it anyway

Herwig Van Soom
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Subject: SB building in Belgium

To all strawbalers and others

We started the foundation works for a new strawbale building in Overijse

The strawbale works will start in august.

Everybody who is interested to participate or visit the works can send me a
message to receive more information.

Herwig Van Soom


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Finn Magnus Rasmussen

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3117 Tønsberg

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Tlf: + 47 40 41 61 61


I`m an architect student from Norway. At this moment I`m working on a
project related to sustainable buildings. I have taken one year of school
for private studies to learn more about how to design and build ecological

In the autumn 2002 I visited parts of Africa to see the local tradition of
building and to see some ecological projects. Now I`m planning to travel to
France, Spain, Germany, (Netherlands) and Denmark. My plan is to focus on
sustainable buildings, especially in Germany and Denmark. This will take
place after Easter and forwards approximately two months. Conscerning this I
have some questions that I hope you can answer.

1. Could you recomend some housing projects I should visit? I`m interested
in all kinds of aspects to make a good ecological house. I know there is a
lot of litterature on these subjects, but projects that includes good design
and good methods have been hard to get hold of.

2. Could you mediate information on groups or organizations  that design and
build houses under the principles I have mentioned. Travelling Europe, my
major task is to use my knowledge and, of course, acquire new knowledge, and
I have time and effort for anyone that would be interested.

I hope you have time to answer this mail as soon as possible.

Tank you very much!

Yours sincerely

Finn Magnus Rasmussen

Ps. Is it possible to join your mailing list?

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