[Strawbale] Projects in or around the Netherlands this summer.

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Hi, Walter

This message might interest you,

Herwig Van Soom
Kouterstraat 7
B-3052     Blanden

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Subject: SB building in Belgium

To all strawbalers and others

We started the foundation works for a new strawbale building in Overijse
The strawbale works will start in august.
Everybody who is interested to participate or visit the works can send me a
message to receive more information.

Herwig Van Soom

orcaherwig at skynet...

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I'm Walter Faas and I live in the Netherlands in a
town between Amsterdam and The Hague. I've been
looking around for information about SB-building for
quite some time now with the goal to eventually design
and build my own house. I've got an architectural
background but I still find it hard to gain more
knowledge about SB-building. My question is if there
are SB-workshops or SB-project to work on during the
summer (a few weeks). I'm looking for projects in the
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or in the UK and


Walter Faas

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