[Strawbale] Multi-storey loadbearing strawbalebuildings.

huffnpuff huffnpuff at shoal....au
Thu Jul 31 02:37:51 CEST 2003

G 'day Walter

I agree with your sentiments re commercial straw bale buildings and we 
believe that we have created an ideal vehicle for this in using jumbo 
bales for wineries see:


Not only did the building come in at a very competitive price some 50% 
cheaper than a conventional commercial building but the insulation that 
the 3', 900mm, straw bale walls gives has fully justified the construction.

The winery now produces award winning wines and due to no small fact 
that the tempreture stays at 21C all year round no matter what the 
external temps are.  These temps vary from 45C to -3C at different times 
of the year.

Load bearing jumbo bales for me for homes and commercial buildings. 
 There is also a margin for a professional builder to work on and he or 
she can become very competitive as well as building in a sustainable manner.

Good luck with your two storey building.  I would however stay away from 
using straw bales under ground until we know more about the technology. 
 The main concern is of course moisture.  I am sure that they are strong 
enough but how to keep water away from entering them is a problem.  I am 
sure it can be done but it could prove too expensive.  Some work that 
was done using SB in the slab floors somewhere in America has shown it 
not to be a good practice to lay bales on the ground immersed in concrete.

Kind regards The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027

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