[Strawbale] Multi-storey loadbearing strawbalebuildings.

Cyber-Oi! dedapperekoe at yahoo...
Wed Jul 30 12:34:26 CEST 2003

The idea for multi-story loadbearing SB-buildings is
an exciting one indeed. I think the main problem with
SB-building is it's image. A lot op people still see
it as a very 'hippie-like' thing for eco-freaks. I
think it's rather important to show how divers
SB-building and -architecture can be. Going
'high-rise' is in my opinion a good way to show the
material off to the world. If it works out as planned
and the PR-stuff is done properly, it will send a
clear message to the professional construction
companies that strawbales can no longer be ridiculed
and ignored as a commercially and technically
attractive building material.

Currently, I'm working on a two-story loadbearing

Does anybody know if strawbales can also be used below

Kind Regards,

Walter Faas, Leiden, the Netherlands

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