[Strawbale] waterproofing the bathroom

Harald und Margit Wedig avantgarden at wxs...
Mon Jan 20 19:21:53 CET 2003

If the straw is
> loadbearing and therefore under compression, as long as you gave it a
> close haircut before plastering (to reduce bounce) I would think you
> could fix tiles directly onto the walls as you do for other wall
> systems. As far as I know, this hasn't been tried before, but let us
> know if you do it!

Hi Barbara,
when we plastered our loadbearing guesthouse in ´96, we playfully pushed
some nice tiles into the clay plaster, just for ornamental reasons.
They are still there, no cracks appeared, none of them are loose.
We did it right the way you are recommending it, commpressed bales with
a "close haircut", oh yes, we pushed the tiles into the second plaster
Good weather and perfect bales for the coming building season;-)

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