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Wed Feb 5 04:24:47 CET 2003

G 'day Eurobalers

Can anyone help this chap?

Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
61 2 6927 6027

To whom it may concern.

Dear Sir/Ms.

I am writing from Riga, Latvia (Europe).I currently am working in Latvia in 
the arhitectural field, originally from australia. At this very point in 
time I was looking for information on 'Low cost' housing, and construction 
practises, when I came across your site on straw construction. I am 
intrigued and I would like to study a sample plan in detail with some specs 
(to analise whether this type of building would be allowed by CODES in this 
country),my budget at this moment is 'zero', but if something was to evolve, 
I would definately make a mention of my sources to others.
Would be much appreciated if any info could be sent by email or to:
Alises street 6/59
email- eegroup67 at hotmail...

In anticipation of a positive response,
Yours sincerely,
                Mr. Karlis E. Eimanis

P.S.I use Bentley Microstation or AutoCad

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