Sv: [Strawbale] Thermo floor from snail-houses/mussels

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Tue Feb 4 14:03:04 CET 2003

You're joking right?

Brussels, capital of Europe, you know, is a densily build area, everything
is asphaltized ... Underground rivers, were something unknown by previous
generations of stupid contractors in this marshy area, and underground
rivers-to you may call the vision of clean water running in caves- but their
sisters in this family are: slow moving mudd streams some f.e. 3-5 meter
below the ground, you don't SEE them.  Why they run just there and not 5
meters more to the left ? Serious geology and hydrologist need to come at
rescue to explain this.

Respectfully Yours,


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On 2003-02-03 19:05, "Barbara Jones" <strawbale at lineone...> wrote:

> To prevent round snail shells from sliding and... There are regions where
>>> you have underground mudd streams... Very strange thing.
>> Well, any good ideas ?  ;->
>> Lars
> How about...... not building where there are mud streams? Or using a raft of
> small diameter wood, the sort not usually preferred for building, whippy
> hazel or similar, with shells on top, or even a woven basket ?
> Barbara
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