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The case for Jumbo bales is rapidly gaining momentum. The recent German 
convention concluded that Jumbo bales have many advantages. To loosely 
quote Gernot Minke, Not going load bearing is really missing the point 
because then the bales are really only a eco-friendly way of insulation. LB 
is a completely different ball game and then Jumbo Bales are a real boon.

Do you still need the translation. I recently met Werner Schmidt the guy 
responsible for the test. Most of the pictures I have seen of this building 
just don't do justice to it is really high class architecture. Perfectly 
illustrating that SB can also be a high tech solution using low tech 
materials. Werner Schmidt is a very nice person. I hope to visit him soon 
on location in CH.

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> > G 'day Herbert
> >
> > Would you be able to translate the results of the tests that you did? 
> as per
> > the URL you sent :
> >
> > http://www.baubiologie.at/belastungstest.jpg
> >
> > We have now built and consulted for several jumbo bale buildings.
> >
> > I attach a photo of our latest two jumbo bale, one is the winery and the
> > other is the house we are currently building.
> >
> >


Rene Dalmeijer

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