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hi there Stewart,

yes scotland does have a harsh climate. the straw walls have to be lifted
220-450mm up off the ground to prevent ground moisture seeping up. there
should be also a decent eaves overhang to keep the walls dry.  the walls are
kept dry before plastering simply by the flow of air. moisture does not
penetrate deeper than a couple of cm.  what is a problem is moisture from
above as gravity carries it down, so the wallplate must be coverd with a
roof as soon as possible. the surface should be dry before plastering.  if
the building is well maintained  (as all buildings should be) it should have
a good life span.

good luck with your house!
anan roos

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On 18 Aug 2003 at 20:39, Anna Roos wrote:

> the building is a large artist's studio 1hr north of aberdeen. the nearest
> map size town is Turriff & the nearest named place Overbrae.  the building
> is not yet completed as it still requires the lime plaster.


I'm interested to hear about your project - I maybe plan to build a
house in beautiful Scotland one day. But Scotland can be a pretty wet place.
you make any special design considerations because of this? How are you
keeping the straw dry before plastering? What is the long term prospect of a
straw house lasting in such a damp environment?

Stewart Hargrave

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