[Strawbale] Straw Bale Building Course in Spain

Steve Josephs steve at anandalucia...
Wed Aug 13 13:13:57 CEST 2003

Straw Bale Building Course.
Jolien van der Maden, who has built with bales in several countries,
will lead the course from 11/10/2003 to 11/14/2003, near Orgiva,
Granada, Spain. You will learn all the basic principles, from
foundations to roof. Cost is €100 to include tuition, food and drink and
camping. Photos of Jolien's last project in the area at:
Diana (Spain) 0034 680 170 842 
Susy (Spain) 0034 635 325 701 
Jolien (Holland) 0031 206 365 390
Please forgive the "smash and grab" nature of this post - Jolien has
very little knowledge of the internet and I have very lttle experience
of straw bale building! Please have a look at the photos to see what a
beautiful part of the world this is. If the next course is as good as
the last one then you may end up moving here!

Steve Josephs
steve at anandalucia...

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