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For Robert Shadbolt (et all) -- Besides the European fire tests, there have 
been some in the US.  Stuccoed (one-coat) straw-bales passed a 2-hour (ASTM 
119) fire test, which gives them a commercial rating.   Also they passed a 
flame spread test.  The results of both of these tests should be on the 
Development Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT) web site at www.dcat.net


At 09:21 AM 4/23/03 +0200, you wrote:
>Dear Robert Shadbolt and others who don`t know
>We (GrAT/TU Vienna/IBO/ASBN) made official firetests in Austria, where a
>plastered strawbale-wall resisted 90 min fire, the material strawbale was
>recognized as B2 (normal flammable). These tests are available on our
>austrian website www.baubiologie.at.
>Here the link to the download section:
>insulation capacity:
>As far as I know, there are no tests for 2.5 hours in Europe.
>There are additional Danish (F30) and German tests (B2).
>Best wishes from Austria
>Herbert Gruber
>asbn austrian strawbale network
>herbert & astrid gruber
>email: asbn at aon...
>G' day Euro Balers
>Can you guys and gals help our pommie friend here re fire tests?
>Kind regards
>The Straw Wolf
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>From: robert shadbolt <mailto:rs007e3212 at blueyonder....uk>
>Dear Mr Glassford
>My name is Robert Shadbolt, I am in my final year of a Building Surveying
>degree in England and I am doing my dissertation on building with straw
>I am trying to find any information, in the form of reports to substantiate
>the properties of straw bales, such as fire resistance etc. So far tests in
>the UK seem to be non existent and I was wandering if you could tell me
>where the figure of 2.5 hrs that is on the Newton House website came from.
>Any help would be gratefully recieved.
>Yours Sincerely
>Robert Shadbolt, Bristol, England
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