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Dear Herbert
thanks for the testing info, is there any possibility of a translation into English?
Keep up the good work
In peace
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Dear Robert Shadbolt and others who don`t know

We (GrAT/TU Vienna/IBO/ASBN) made official firetests in Austria, where a
plastered strawbale-wall resisted 90 min fire, the material strawbale was
recognized as B2 (normal flammable). These tests are available on our
austrian website www.baubiologie.at.

Here the link to the download section:

insulation capacity:

As far as I know, there are no tests for 2.5 hours in Europe.
There are additional Danish (F30) and German tests (B2).

Best wishes from Austria
Herbert Gruber

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G' day Euro Balers
Can you guys and gals help our pommie friend here re fire tests?
Kind regards
The Straw Wolf
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Dear Mr Glassford
My name is Robert Shadbolt, I am in my final year of a Building Surveying
degree in England and I am doing my dissertation on building with straw
I am trying to find any information, in the form of reports to substantiate
the properties of straw bales, such as fire resistance etc. So far tests in
the UK seem to be non existent and I was wandering if you could tell me
where the figure of 2.5 hrs that is on the Newton House website came from.
Any help would be gratefully recieved.
Yours Sincerely
Robert Shadbolt, Bristol, England

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