[Strawbale] Fwd: Mail ettiquette

Rene Dalmeijer rened at cistron...
Wed Apr 2 14:27:28 CEST 2003

Chug this is a mail I sent to the European SB list some time ago. It seems 
as if it passed by unnoticed because most postings are HTML. I assume this 
is due to the inexperience of most users.

>Dear users,
>I would kindly like to request you to selectively quote and post ascii only
>mailings to the list. I recieve the digest which is compiled in ascii only
>format. About 70 percent of each digest consists of HTML tags. Which
>everyone who reads the digest has to plough through. Some of the postings
>are so jumbeled that I quite often decide to throw the whole digest away.
>Selectively quote:
>Please spend a moment before hitting the reply button and selectively quote
>a mail you are responding to. It saves so many people time there are many
>people reading this list and the list is continually growing.
>Ascii only:
>Generally there is an option in every e-mail program allowing you to
>determine in what format e-mail is sent. Most lists prefer ascii as it saves
>a lot of bandwidth saving transmission and server costs and not to forget
>all the people reading the postings. Formatted mail almost doubles the
>burden on
>If you are using Outlook you should have a menu item called format when
>composing or replying to a message. Check to see what the current setting is
>for the mail or reply you are composing. The two options I have is rich text
>(HTML) or plain text (ascii). you could do this for each reply or e-mail you
>are sending but this is very tedious. I changed my basic setting in the main
>program Menu item Tools>options then select the tab send in this pane you
>will see radio buttons to select either HTML or ascii, select ascii. Thats

With kind regards,
Rene Dalmeijer

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