[Strawbale] Stable answers....:-)

boy at 12much... boy at 12much...
Fri Sep 27 20:13:33 CEST 2002

Hello martin, Chug and Renee,

at first, tnxx for your response,

We'll really try to make it to the Floriade. I'm curious after seeing the pictures on your 
site. I've also heard, that there was build a large common building with very big 
(french?) strawbales. May be we'll meet:-)

Chug and Rene,

we'd already figured out something like that. Question is more if there should be a 
special construction for the benefit of cleaning and so on. When I was helping to shave 
the bales in nice roundings between two big door holes, nobody seemed to bother 
about lining it with the concrete. I just discussed the matter with the architect a few 
weeks ago, and it seemed important enough to be carefull wether the 4cm claywall 
rests on the fundament. And not only to carry the wall, but also for losing water in the 
right way, preventing it to flush away the clay. It would be a little more efford to 
construct something for the bales to stand on, which could be 15 cm or more higher 
than the floor itself. But maybe that could be a wrong idea for other reasons. So.....?

And Renee,

Who should Pascal Thepaut be? Can I find his whereabouts in a earlyer digest ?

Greatings to you all,

Boy Bakhuys

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