[Strawbale] [Strawbale]pyrethroids was Strawbale roof insulation

Alex Ian New Alex at daikuservices...
Thu Sep 19 18:11:07 CEST 2002

Hello all, finally,

permethrin is a pyrethroid , pyrethroids were originally based on the 
natural pyrethrum, but way "improved" for longevity and toxicity - go figure...
It is used in all wool products that have the quality mark "WollSiegel" (in 
germany), and also in all sorts of domestic insecticides, aracides, 
whatever...e.g. against fleas and moths.
Naturally there are opposing views about the dangers, but there is enough 
reason to just rule it out, it is considered carcinogenic, damaging the 
nervous system, faking hormone signals, and finally considered a cause for 
multiple chemical sensitivity by some experts.
A broad study has found almost all tested households contaminated.
The thing is that it seems impossible to get rid of a contamination. It 
penetrates into all surfaces, via dust, and by now can´t be removed.
While it seems accepted that oral intoxication is not accumulative, the 
dust transports the toxic right into your lungs...
Anyhow, there are enough alternatives to wool products and moth control 
that there´s no reason to take the risk.
Interesting question would be if the most favorite carpet of wealthy 
eco-builders, tretford,  has pyrethroids in it...

So much for that, yours,


P.S.: I don´t know how far reaches the daisy family, but it´s 
chrysanthemum, and the natural insecticide has the "downside" that it 
disintegrates rapidly...but like I said, the new stuff has not much to do 
with it, it´s completely synthetic.

>Dunno - I thought pyrethroids were relatively benign (pyrethrin being a
>"natural insecticide" extracted from a plant in the daisy family which
>grows in the rift valley of East Africa).


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