[Strawbale] Strawbale roof insulation

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Mon Sep 16 23:18:04 CEST 2002

Hi Harald
Glad to hear it is possible after all. I was sure it would be. Still don't
understand then the need for such commercialisation of sheeps wool as a
product, though am glad it's coming into mainstream. Perhaps because the
"ordinary" buyer wants something that looks like rockwool?
Best wishes

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> rikki nitzkin wrote:
> >
> > I have been recomended to treat the natural wool with borax to prevent
> > insects, i don´t know if it works with moths too, but I haven´t heard
> > about any problems.
> Moths are insects, arent they.
> Its important not to wash the wool ( if its very dirty use only warm
> water no kind of soap whatsoever, the wooloil ( lanolin) will act as a
> soap and  will stay in the wool)
> Collect shitty parts out by hand, before you wash the wool.
> The lanolin is a moth prevention by itself but it will also act as a
> "glue" sticking the borax, wich should be applied as a dry salt to the
> wool. This should happen in situ and most of the times this will mean
> from above, so make sure, that the wool is not pressed to densly, before
> the salt can penetrate thorouly.
> Thats the way we did it.
> Harald
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