[Strawbale] Strawbale roof insulation

Harald und Margit Wedig avantgarden at wxs...
Sat Sep 14 08:44:10 CEST 2002

rikki nitzkin wrote:
> I have been recomended to treat the natural wool with borax to prevent
> insects, i don´t know if it works with moths too, but I haven´t heard
> about any problems.

Moths are insects, arent they.
Its important not to wash the wool ( if its very dirty use only warm
water no kind of soap whatsoever, the wooloil ( lanolin) will act as a
soap and  will stay in the wool)
Collect shitty parts out by hand, before you wash the wool.  
The lanolin is a moth prevention by itself but it will also act as a
"glue" sticking the borax, wich should be applied as a dry salt to the
wool. This should happen in situ and most of the times this will mean
from above, so make sure, that the wool is not pressed to densly, before
the salt can penetrate thorouly.
Thats the way we did it.

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